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The Playable Races and their sub-races

Whats changed? The races have been rebuilt on the idea of racial paragon levels. Each race has a number of racial abilities which increase over the course of the characters life.

Humans - The most ambitious, adaptable and diverse people of the races. Human Traits

Elves - Graceful, frail and long lived beings, elves tend to keep a broad perspective on events, remaining aloof and unfazed by petty happenstances. When pursuing a goal, however they are focused and relentless. Elves have a long tradition of mystical dabbling and renowned for their bowman ship.
  • Grey Elf – Grey elves are the most common of the elven races. They have no additional abilities from those listed under the Elven racial traits.
  • High Elf – High Elves are the second most common sub-race of elves. They are renowned students of the mystic and great defenders of their values and lands.
  • Wood Elf – Wood elves are an uncommon barbaric cousin of the grey elves. They are heartier than their distant kin and not as attuned to the mystic as other elves.
  • Ghost Elf – During some great cataclysmic war, many high elves chose to avoid the calamities and dangers of that war by hiding on the astral plane. The gods took notice of this cowardice and once the war ended they forced these cowardly elves back to the material plane. Because of the long exposure to the astral plane these elves found that they had changed dramatically once back on the material plane and where cursed with a strange connection to the astral plane.
  • Drow – Drow are the sinister dark cousins of the high elves. The exact history or dissent from their kin is unclear and nearly wholly unknown.
  • Umbragan – During some great cataclysmic war, many Drow houses sought refuge from the cataclysm. Loth, like all the gods at that time was silent and offered no answers to her clerics. However one voice answered the call of the Drow, a dark voice from the deepest shadows of the underdark offered safety from the devastation the Celestials where causing on the world. This voice called its self Keth’ur and only required that the drow worshiped him as their god, only a few houses accepted Keth’ur’s offering. After the War of the Celestials ended Loth was enraged at those who left her and branded them with white markings upon their skin. Those drow who remained faithful to Loth began slaughtering the traitors whole sale causing them to retreat to the surface world. As these few houses fought for their lives they called out to Keth’ur for blessings to survive the onslaught of their brethren. Keth’ur answered and infused those drow with the essence of shadow. The drow, after seeing the changes take hold of their traitorous kin, began calling them Umbra gan or shadow filth.

    Eleven Traits

Dwarves - A hearty, gruff, stubborn race, dwarves are renowned for their martial abilities and their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, many seek them out for specialized combat training.
  • Mountain Dwarf
  • Hill Dwarf
  • Deep Dwarf
  • Duergar
  • Glacial Dwarf – Glacial Dwarves are hearty, adapted to the cold climate of the northern lands; they have developed in ways to make the ruff life in such extreme conditions easier. Glacial Dwarves are slightly stocker than other dwarves, their skin has a bluish tint and their hair is white or near yellow blonde. Capable hunters, fishers and sea fairer, Glacial Dwarves have taken to harvesting sea lions, walruses, polar bears and whales for survival in the cold regions they call home. Unlike their cousins, the Glacial Dwarves have taken to life on the seas, often needing to sail great distances to the glacial hunting grounds. Their main homes are often located near the sea; they build long cabins in which many generations of a family reside. These villages are often built near a cave system which is used to store food and goods for the roughest months of the year, and for the defense of the village. Dwarven Traits
Halflings - Friendly, brave, cleaver and capable opportunists. Gnomes -

Orcs -Orc Traits

Goblins -Goblin Traits

Hobgoblins -Hobgoblin Traits

Half Orcs -Half Orc Traits

Half Elves -Half Elf Traits

Bovian - Distant cousins of the Minotaur, Bovians are large powerful creatures. Considerably stronger than other races, but much more intelligent than their minotaur relatives, Bovians seek to cut a place for themselves in the world. Bovines are strong, cunning and intelligent, they have a natural connection with the world around them and many are druids or rangers. They have strong sense of family and tribal connections and live out most of their life peacefully. Bovines stand between 6 and 8 feet tall and weigh from 200 to 350 pounds. Bovine Traits

Undead - The dead walk in the night and sometimes the day. Usually the question of what to do about the creatures of the night is an easy one to answer, however a new twist in the games of the gods have skewed both the question and the answer. While zombies, walking skeletons, gouls and wight are still your usual run of mill undead; vampires and mummies have recently become conscious of their un-life and many are seeking to repent for their past atrocities. To top that off there is new bread of undead running about. One which cares not about the light day, and of whom may well extend an honest helping hand. Who would have ever have thought a vampire would become a hero?
  • Necrophites - During some great cataclysmic war, a new form of ‘undead’ came into being. The dead on the battlefields rose as conscious, intelligent undead by the residual cast off of some celestial or demonic powers. A husk of their former selves these undead retained the memories of their lives, their names, friends and loved ones. However they where shunned by the world of the living. Thus they left the living behind them and built up their own cities and now call themselves Necrophites. Although these undead can chose to be good or evil and chose to serve a good deity as a cleric, their lifelessness as undead has forever cut them off from the positive energy plane. The reality of this situation means that no Necrophite can ever cast a healing or any other type of positive energy based spell, all other cleric spells are available, additionally a Necrophite can never become a paladin. Necrophite Traits
  • Other undead - The same powers which created the Necrophites also altered the undead of the world. This alteration resulted in many of the intelligent undead regaining their consciousness, thus allowing them to chose to redeem their existence or embrace the legends of their curse. Other Playable Undead

Lycanthropes - Lycanthropy is considered by many to be a horrible disease. Some however consider the condition to be a great boon and seek out other Lycans to bestow the transformative properties upon them, while others are natural born Lycans. Only a Lycan can make another Lycan by inflicting a bite wound on the other. When a character contracts lycanthropy, she may at the time of the first turning attempt to control her mental capacities through out the transformation. This is accomplished by rolling a wisdom check or control shape check (pg. 303 MM v. 3.5) at the time of transformation. If another Lycan is present to guide her she gains a +2 circumstance bonus to the roll. If she has received tutelage in the transformation process and no other Lycan is present to provide guidance she gains a +1 circumstance bonus to her roll. Playing A Lycanthrope

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The Races

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