Paths of Destiny


Welcome to Ghana a world torn and in general disarray from an epic battle waged by Demons and Angels; Ghana has entered a new era as the mortal races strive to reassert themselves and rebuild their once proud civilizations.

The war of the Celestials, as it has come to be called, had all but destroyed Ghana. A few pockets of human civilization are under reconstruction. The surface elves and Halflings have reconsolidated their people and have begun to rebuild their respective holdings. The subterranean races have faired better than the rest, however many of their peoples are scattered due to calls to arms from the war. Due to the nature of the Celestials many of the dead on the battlefields rose again as conscious, intelligent undead. A husk of their former selves these undead retain memory of their lives, their names, friends and loved ones. Shunned by the world of the living these undead built up their own cities and now call themselves Necrophites. Other undead experienced radical changes in themselves, many regained their former consciousness. Becoming aware of what they have become they are now able to make a choice in how they live out their long lives; some have sworn to pay penance for their past atrocities, others have chosen a life of solotide, while yet other Necrophites have embraced the old legends of the undead.



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