Welcome to Paths of Destiny

Paths of Destiny is an attempt at updating the 3.5 system to 3.75. The main focuses for this project have been –
  1. Reworking class build options, to allow for class function and archetype builds to be inherent in each of classes.
  2. Reworking the combat system, spell casting and spell functions to bring better balance to the game.
    • Weapon functions, how they affect attacks and how they interact with the creature which is wielding them.
    • Armor benefits and enchantments, allow for more customization in armor abilities and to set the different types of armor apart from each other.
    • Daily spell casting limits are now based on a point pool system for all casters. Allowing for a longer “adventuring day” for casters.
    • Spells are now divided into two sub-categories of casting; spells and rituals. Allowing for a more balanced system of magic.
  3. Building a streamlined, yet robust skills system.
    • Reduce the total number of skills, make more skills available to more classes and allow skills to synergize with combat options.

The Path is before you, your Destiny awaits!

Paths of Destiny